Wednesday, December 31, 2014

closing out the year

This is my last post for 2014, and so late!!

I expected to blog over the past couple weeks, but E-Rex needed surgery, unexpectedly, so that threw all schedules off and into a tizzy.  Then, as he recovered, I fell to the forces of burdensome responsibilities and no sleep - I was down with a rough sore throat and cold right through Christmas.  So, although I wanted to blog about gift giving and some dreamy guitars that came across my radar, I was on the DL.  We're both much better now and I expect to be keeping to a "regular" (whatever that is) blogging schedule with the advent of the new year. 

The web site has been freshened up. I know there a few wonky buttons, but they are not functionally wonky - just graphically so.  I'll tidy them up next week.  I renders find on my iPad and iPhone, as well as on my Mac & E-Rex's PC, so you shouldn't have any difficulty viewing it.  

If you recall, I was planning to move the web hosting for the GuitarTechniqueTutor.Com web site to a different one from the long time host.  After fully familiarizing myself with the new host's offerings, I concluded that if my site were brand new, I'd consider using them, but since my web site has been up in its various iterations for quite a while, there would be too much compromise in layout and content to reconstruct the site at the planned hosting company.  So, I'm still with my tried and true hosting company.  

This is the time of year to contemplate your playing strengths and weaknesses.  Make a play to conquer some of the playing or musicianship challenges that have beset you in the past.  Set some realistic goals and work toward them. Improve your weak areas, learn a new technique, acquaint yourself with another genre that you don't play much, etc.  I, for one, am looking forward to this new year.  (More like I can't wait to close the book on 2014. It was a rough one for me.)    

Thanks for reading. 

Happy 2015!!

Practice, and until next time, I'm D A Arlaus, "doing my part to spread the excellence, one guitarist at a time."